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Partnership with Capalaba State College

2021 Classes

As many of you are aware, Extension Education and Capalaba State College have been exploring running a full-time program for gifted students at Capalaba next year, which would involve students learning from home 3 days per week and face to face classes at Capalaba 2 days per week.
We are in the early stages of working out what this might look like, but at the moment it is envisaged that the full program, including the learning at home would be designed and taught by Adrienne Alexander of Extension Education.
Each week, as part of the face-to-face lessons, Adrienne would provide the students with learning materials for learning at home for the week to come.
We feel this combination of at home and on campus learning would provide an ideal balance for many gifted students, particularly our twice exceptional kids.
Now, after feedback from our parent base, we have realised that there is a huge need for this sort of program for students going into Year 7 next year and consequently we are now exploring the possibility of extending the program to include junior high school students.
If you are interested in this program for your child, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!
Expressions of interest can be made by completing this FORM
If you have questions about the course you can contact Adrienne directly at: or you can speak to Adrienne directly on 0449563691 (after school hours please).
Sadly, if this program does go ahead, it will mean the end of the One Day School as it currently operates. At this point, the fulltime program depends on getting sufficient applications. If the fulltime program does not go ahead, we envisage running the One Day School as before.
If you are interested in the One Day School, and would like to be kept informed as to whether it will be run in 2021, please contact Adrienne at the above contacts, rather than calling Capalaba State College.